Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Nokia 6 Nokia 6. Despite their lack of coverage, in my area T-Mobile for the most part worked excellent. I can understand this move. Hardly anyone who uses it uses it for work. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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No, that would similarly throttle normal web surfing and downloading. Tap Mobile HotSpot settings. T-Mobile is already on to 2. The only excuse given is that they are working on it. You made the assertion. Because you would mytuch your 4G Mobile Hotspot… why would anyone who knows anything about wireless plan features give up so much?

Too many new subscribers not enough capacity. Despite their lack of coverage, in my area T-Mobile for the most part worked excellent. Transparent because they put it in the fine print? I agree with your post.

T-Mobile myTouch by LG

mytkuch If so, that device would receive normal priority. USB tethering is active. Too many people are using their phone wifi hotspot feature too excessively and clogging up the network.


Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. But, alas, nobody listens.

[Q] Tethering – an option? | HTC Glacier: myTouch 4G

This definitely NOT throttling as T-mobile is simply balancing between competing user demands. You a Microsoft employee or something? Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon.

Tethwring like the norm on the data strong network.

Yes, the tethering deprioritization has been around for a while, T-Mo was just improving ways to separate it from smartphone data.

Talk time – As rated by manufacturer. Hot S3 Note 3. Mobile hotspotTethering. Just switched to T-Mobile last week and got the unlimited plan. If someone does manage to get around it and abuse it T-Mobile will probably, eventually, figure it out and take action.

Then these philosophers might get a little more perspective on more down to earth issues. Teghering download and install device drivers for computers, follow these steps: I have no gripes about paying for it, especially since now I have WiFi calling Sorry for being lng winded… but I saw what you wrote and felt compeled to add my two cents to expand on your topic.


Tethering: T-Mobile myTouch Q by Huawei

Bunch of useless tools. CyanogenMod supports the myTouch by LG.

Btw, is Bing still a thing? Is it a backhaul issue, is it too many cheap customers tethering? I have lately seen my phone connect to all 3 bands on service mode myytouch is pretty cool. Especially with all the strings that are attached.