Voice recording FM recording Line-In recording. Works with Windows or Mac. The FL specs state that it has a ten hour battery life depending on usage and configuration. What I will do is fill the internal flash memory with MP3’s that I want to carry with me all the time, and I will put the interchangable music on the SD cards. These files can then be replayed through the player or transferred to the user’s computer.

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Recent comments OK, Well an old topic but. These files can then be replayed through the player or transferred to the user’s computer. The only thing that some may not like about this system is that it does not allow the user to create playlists “on the fly”. The FL has a voice recorder function which allows the user to record notes as WAV audio files in either high or low quality.

Metal casing, digiatl front, compact, original and functional design; definitely an eye-catcher. Alarms may even be set at which time the player will switch on, and music will be heard if the FL is connected through the user’s home stereo. The player I received from GeekStuff4U included a slightly different lineup – instead of an armband it came with a lanyard for wearing the FL in the provided softcase when using a different headset than those included.

Over the past few months I have had ;layer opportunity to put this player through its paces, and I have made a few decisions that may affect my personal shopping habits in the future.


Setting ;layer date and time for the first time is done by pressing the Menu button and then diyital to the watch screen in the Menu. Will the FG be that gadget for you or will it simply be just another mediocre player?

Here are some shots of the included lanyard and clear flexible vinyl case Here you can find the software including explanation. Once again, realize that installing the software is not necessary unless you want those added features.

Whether or not the MPIO Utility is installed, when the player is turned on and attached to the user’s computer via USB, it will be recognized as a removable storage drive The device itself is really nice.

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This article was originally posted to The-Gadgeteer. Bear in mind that none of it has to be installed for the player to work. Memory Capacity and Data Transfer Rate figures are maximums, actual values will vary. Sometimes I’ll catch myself falling into the “Super-Size Me” trap of basing a digital music player’s desirability on how many gigabytes it can hold – because in my mind, the more GB the better.

Yes Please can I get a copy. Two bars were down by 5pm, and the FL shut off due to the low battery at 7: The songs I loaded equal approximately 11 hours worth of music. Depending on how finicky the user is about file organization on the player, audio files can be added either directly into the disk or inside user defined folders.


Kryz’s Mpio FL Page

I like the idea of being able to carry a large portion of the music stored on my Seagate drive at all times on my player. These screens show how the digktal displays and handles folders. So how much music will 1GB hold? The meter was one bar down at 3: Nevertheless, here are the specifications for this diminutive player.

MPIO FL300 1GB Necklace MP3 Player Review

Pressing the buttons on the MPIO’s front side, jusic user is rewarded with a slight audible click, which is reinforced by the buttons’ satisfying tactile feedback.

Measuring approximately 2″ long x 1.

In the center of the front panel is a 0. You are here Home Back to Top. There are 6 preset equalizer modes on the FL As with all my digital toys, the diital important combination of features it has is being both small and complete. All thriller, no filler!

That means that everything I have described thus far – from the way to remove the necklace headset to working the navigation menu I am about to describe was learned by trial and error.