I have just try Oracle Virtual Box and it seems that it is not working under windows 10 for the moment. Sorry this didn’t help. After running the latest Windows 10 update, still not working: To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver. Hi2Va14 Replied on September 8, This device is not configured correctly. The command’s output should be redirected to a second file.

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The Debian distribution even proposes a program named module-assistant, convenient to install drivers that are not integrated into the Linux kernel. Code 1 Invalid access to memory moscjip. This device is not configured correctly.

MCS – USB to IrDA Controller | ASIX

As we said, each USB device will be described on a distinct line in each of the two generated files. How satisfied are you with this response? Once you do this, you can keep transmitting you data from your watch to your computer.

A tool named diff does that job. We were taken completely by surprise by all of this.

By the way, I found this nice website about TV replay. Hi, I work for a company Coolgear that sells some of these IR adapters, and even some Polar compatible models. In such case, the first step is to identify on which electronic chip is based the device.


But looking at the kernel newsgroup archives, I could see that the driver for the MCS chip was available in the Linux kernel since the 2. There also exist an alternative driver to do IP over the infrared link for this device. The suggestion of using virtual machines has been made a number of times already in this thread but the suggestion of using a shared folder is an innovative variation. Yes, I had same exp. This thread is locked. Ida such case, you’ll have to code the driver yourself, or change your device.

Windows 10 Pro: USB IrDA adapter driver installation failed

In reply to steppenzombie’s post on September 7, We had tested all of mowchip IR adapters, even the older and much better SigmaTel modelsand they worked just fine with the Windows 10 pre-release editions and thought nothing further of it. In reply to zaghura’s post on August 11, VMware Player worked, though. You can watch emissions from french TV channels through this platform.

Some drivers are packaged into some Linux distributions and can be installed more easily than from scratch. In reply to Hi2Va14’s post on September 8, The reason in that the electronic chip used into my token is the MosChip Semiconductor mcs electronic chip.


Windows 10 Pro: USB IrDA adapter driver installation failed – Microsoft Community

But it does not really solve the problem. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver. Below are the details after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10, bit. CoolGear Caleb Replied on August 25, When plugging a new ieda to a computer running a Linux Operating System, such device will sometimes not automatically be recognized.

In reply to nooxnet’s post on September 6, Such command will display information, where each line will be related to a distinct USB device.

But it does not really solve the problem The solution is to be patient and wait until Microsoft issue an appropriate driver. Did this solve your problem? Hi2Va14 Replied on September 8,