This morning I can no longer get Spotify or any apps to play anything even with headphones plugged in, and when I play stuff on youtube, the volume controls have no effect with headphones, and no sound ever comes out of the speakers. Robin24k , Jul 24, Danish regional settings I have had no skips at all since I applied this solution: How satisfied are you with this response? I have had a problem similar to this before, and only ever solved it by wiping the computer, reinstalling 7, and then upgrading again, which I would prefer to avoid if possible. I’m sorry to inform that after performing the update, I still have the hicks and distortions on my E The laptop I’m using is a Dell Latitude E, and up until a little while ago the audio was playing out properly.

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Applied and the effect is really good – no more “scratching”.

I had researched this a few months ago with few results. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

I don’t like them, taht I want to install XP. I ran into this problem with all mp3 files and I tried just about everything on the help forums including a fresh load of XP and Vista respectively on a different hard drive. souhd

Ivan Dec 22, I’ve already created a Dell report and so far there is no solution. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Didn’t have to do anything after 8.


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I’m sorry to inform that after performing the update, I still have the hicks and distortions on my E Well, a crappy solution yet again! This was however not the direct source of the spikes just a general bad apple in the system See this thread and run dpclat. My ears are happy and clap each other ; If that’s not working I was also advised to minimize WiFi card options for strong signal have no idea though how to do it.

I found out the problem was in ACPI. I’m lattiude sure if this is a real solution or just turning off stuff resulting in sub-optimal sound quality for my hardware, but seems to work ok on my crappy old headphones.

Dell is going to send me another DVD drive to see if it helps. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

The bigger the red spike then the worse the problem. So this blog is my way of giving back to the community and if I save just one admin an extra Tums or Rolaids then I’m good with that.

Audio not working properly on Dell Latitude E with I.D.T. Audio – Microsoft Community

The first one had a problem with the CPU. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a hiccuping sound in my audio perhaps video-related as well? Nice greetings as well. Now I’ve found out that “HD sound” is a total crap same problems with quality Potential culprits are anything that is listed at the start of the E latency thread and maybe a few others.


This solution applies to the Dell Latitude D though the problem only occurs at random intervals in my experience. Upgrading to Windows 7 may clear the problem but it would be prudent to monitor the latency as you install the various drivers. I am probably one of the strongest Dell word-of-mouth’er out there, but each time my system crashes or gives me headache problems for no reason, I lose a bit of my loyalty to the else greatest IT supplier IMO out there – all parts considered.

Audio not working properly on Dell Latitude E6400 with I.D.T. Audio

Until I read in this post about running the DPC checker. Tell us about your experience with our site. I looked at the forums and knew this model had that vibrations. This is due to WiFi management issues under Vista of any kind. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

I’m unimpressed that Dell support didn’t think of latency as the cause of skipping audio. I’m was beated a few days for a many way but my sound dissapointed me all the time.