The company filed for bankruptcy in The giant chip maker had been working with Hadoop since , but officials said it was important to offer a Hadoop distribution optimised to work with features on its processors, such as incorporating Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions AES-NI for accelerating encryption into the Hadoop Distributed File System. Click Here for More Headlines. The Convex Computer series, as well as a number of small-scale parallel machines from companies like Pyramid Technology and Alliant Computer Systems were particularly popular. Most who work in the high-performance computing HPC industry agree; people problems are far more complicated than technical challenges.

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The open-source Hadoop framework is bringing powerful analytic capabilities to the masses by eliminating some of the technical skills that have traditionally been required to configure and run parallel HPC workloads. Use of this site is iintel by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SeattleWashington United States.

Intel cs Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Backstopped by a stream of data charts, product photos, and even a beautiful image of supernovae This was a clustered SMP vector processor architecture, developed from J90 technology. IBM at Hot Chips: For instance, looking for weather and climate patterns. You could even say that data has shape, and shape matters. Since then the X1 has been superseded by the Inte, with faster dual-core processors. Click Here for More Headlines.


The company’s first intsl, the Cray-1 supercomputerwas a major success because it was significantly faster than all other computers at the time. Microsoft to Buy Mellanox? In MayCray was announced to be one of the partners in the U.

Red Storm was to become the jumping-off point for a string of successful products that eventually revitalized Cray in supercomputing. We’ve known of the code-name “Shasta” since the Argonne slice of the CORAL project was announced in and although the details of that plan have changed considerably, Cray didn’t slow down its timeline for Shasta. The Cray Hadoop supercomputer clusters, which will be integrated, optimised, validated and supported by the systems maker, will enable to scale their Hadoop software, he said.

In spite of these machines being some of the most powerful available when applied to appropriate workloads, Cray was never very successful in intl market, possibly due to it being so foreign to their existing market niche. Be the most informed person in the room! In AprilCray Inc.

The Convex Computer series, as well as a number of small-scale parallel machines from companies like Pyramid Technology and Alliant Computer Systems were particularly popular. Tera Computer Company was then renamed Cray Inc.

Cray Adds Intel Hadoop To Supercomputer Clusters

As Hadoop goes mainstream, companies like Intel and Cray are figuring out how to make a buck by improving on the stack. Founder Seymour Cray died as a result of a traffic accident later that year.

Read moreā€¦ By Doug Black. He initially worked out of the CDC headquarters in Minneapolis, but grew upset by constant interruptions by managers. Computer History Museum, Cray 1 30th Anniversary recorded presentation, This product used modular technology and a Lustre file system. Red Storm had processors clustered in 96 unit cabinets, a theoretical maximum of cabinets in a machine, and a design speed of Last Thursday the U.


Cascade was scheduled to imtel introduced in early and designed to use the next-generation network chip and follow-on to Gemini, code named Aries. As we are heading towards extreme-scale HPC coupled with data intensive analytics like machine learning, the necessary integration of big data and HPC is a curr Read inetl.

Exascale machines of at least a 1 exaflops peak are anticipated to arrive by arounda few years behind original predictions; and given extreme-scale performance challenges are not getting any easier, it makes sense that researchers are already looking ahead to the next big 1,x performance goal post: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

CRIwas founded in by computer designer Seymour Cray.

Ultimately, only one Cray-3 was delivered, and a number of follow-on designs were never completed. Blake says the turnkey Hadoop solution that Cray is now selling will do best in high-value Hadoop environments.