Update Unrecognized Zip Code. If you are connecting a CD player, tape deck, or other line level device, move the level switch away from the audio jacks into the “LINE” position. The biggest downside to this handy little peripheral is that it comes with a rather sparse user’s guide. You are the best! Griffin Technology GC overview. Hardware slider switch for selecting microphone or line level.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Griffin Technology iMic – USB Audio Interface GC B&H

It will function with most third-party iic but, for Mac users, Final Vinyl is available as a free download. Brought omic you by Techwalla. Additionally, the unit can be used as a home studio recording or podcasting solution by directly plugging in microphones and musical instruments, and provides a solution for sound recording into almost any audio application, including GarageBand, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Select “Sounds and Audio Devices. See any errors on this page? Plug your speakers or headphones into the iMic’s OUT jack.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Thomas from Perfect I used this device to transfer some old reel to reel tapes that I recently found in my attic recorded in the s and s. I love this device, as well as their recommended free Audacity software audio editing tools. If you cannot hear your microphone or line level device, go to “Preferences” in your recording software and enable “Playthrough. What I did not want was a piece of expensive bulky gear that I’d have to integrate with my HiFi system.


Operating Instructions for iMic | It Still Works

The iMic interfaced to my Mac and good software I used Audacity is all thats needed. Audacity asking proved a link to an external website DLL to enable the export to various Audio formats including.

You are the best! Hardware slider switch for selecting microphone or line level. If you are connecting a microphone, slide the level switch toward the jacks into the “MIC” position.

USB iMic Audio Device

The interface allows the connection of microphones and other input devices to an iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac, or other Mac and PC systems, with support for both microphone and line level inputs.

The iMac usb audio interface was recognized as a usb input and it was easy to record and adjust the recording level and the resulting mp3 files played as well as downloaded usn dvd recorded mp3s.

Additionally, she writes and designs a blog that provides umic, tutorials, and tools for professional and amateur artists. I literally just plugged it into the laptop via USB, let Win10 Home do its thing for setup, set the iMic to line in, connected a stereo out from our analog mixer to it, fired up “Free Sound Recorder” from freesoundrecorder.

Operating Instructions for iMic

I would recommend the this product for hassle free use. If you cannot find this feature, consult your audoo “Help” menu. A friend asked me to make an.

Note that the iMic cannot power speakers, so if you are connecting speakers, ensure that they have their own power source. This iMic USB interface works great, and better than the vintage pro-audio sound card I had used previously. I plugged it into my laptop and Windows loaded the necessary drivers. For Windows users, go to the “Start” menu and open the Control Panel. Griffin Technology GC specs. I like the fact that it requires no special drivers; my Mac recognizes it and I was able to connect immediately.


Tromley began writing professionally in with articles on a variety of topics appearing in print newsletters and popular websites, including eHow. A line level output is provided for connecting the output to external speakers or headphones. Rated 5 out of 5 by Martin from Great for laptops that don’t have a line in I bought this to record our church’s services on a low-end laptop that didn’t have a line in jack. Video of the Day.

Final Vinyl is designed specifically for converting vinyl to digital with features such as waveform-based cue editing, and band EQ, and includes a special RIAA filter that properly equalizes LPs without having to connect a turntable to a pre-amp. If you want to use the iMic to input sound, plug a microphone uwb line level device into the IN jack.