How do i check whether an I2C device works? MC is trying to sell their new PK3 with the newer chip. Thank you for the compliment, I soldered a lot of boards, so now I ‘think I’m well trained. Heres where they screwed up, the Pk2 has been “in dev” for many many years and many people have worked in it for free. DAC input digital signals, how to generate? You May Also Like:

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Thank you for the compliment, I soldered a lot of boards, so now I ‘think I’m well trained. There is some shared overhead expense that includes one stack level, some general purpose file registers and a small area of program memory when in the debug mode.

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icd2 clone for dspic

Why I am getting this substrate picture, when i create a new workspace? Ultrasonic transducer driver 1.

I kind of wanted the direct connection where you can change the program while it is running, but It would probably be better to start small. I want to buy a ICD2 clone for debugging, but im a little lost May 3, The first time I connected the board, everything was ok, self test succesful. DAC input digital signals, how to generate? Dec 242: Then you can send it in for a discount on an ICD3 when your ready.


So, I read the datasheet to know how the ouput voltage of the MAX is set: Since it icd2.55 the second time I try to realise this clone, I was very very meticulous and every time I used a component, I measured its value to get it closer to the adequate valu the one in the schematic. Now supporting newer chips on the pk2 is a weird thing.

A breakpoint can be set to halt the program at a specific location. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Wich commercial ICD2 Clone?? As well as support from many of us, users of the PICKit.

MPLAB ICD2 Clone | Purnomosejati’s Weblog

This site uses cookies. If we search in the MAX datasheet, we can find this formula: How important this is, I do not know.

How do i check whether an I2C device works? So naturally the users got mad and say the PK3 sucks compared to the pk2 because it didn’t have all the bells and whistles,,, “YET”!


I won’t do it anymore, sorry. That is more expensive than a PICKit2. Stokes Super Member Total Posts: The only reason I’m changing micro’s to dspic is so that I can build the model in simulink and the final product can cloe on a dip style chip that is easy to interface with a custom long term circuit board.

I think that, as he said on his website, one measure is considered too high so there is a need to replace the resistors.

ICD2 : Self Test failed, one more very easy answer please !

About the pk2 thing supporting your chip, heres the answer. Attached Image s Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Distorted Sine output from Transformer 6.

Doing this makes the Pk2 obsolete. I’m very happy, I’ve found where the problem was!