That one has more percived bass and somewhat less 6kHz treble peak. There are no software analysis in these squarewave plots and no sound cards involved either. The traditional approach to solving this problem is to make the speaker cone, or driver diaphragm in this case, stiffer so it is less likely to begin vibrating on its own. Normally, sound arriving at your head from a source some distance away is essentially a flat wavefront. I find it interesting there is a very vocal group that is anti anything to do with cables, but seriously loves to EQ everything.

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Hi, Tyll, thanks for a very helpful review. I’ve been learning about various 50mm transducers that can perform beautifully but many have housings and hardware bits that obstruct their potential, the Noonteks as an example.

Ever since I first encountered you on the web, nearly a decade ago, I figured you were of a genuinely enquiring nature. But in stock form they aren’t truly engaging nor are they definitively compelling in the sense of sucking you into the music.

That seems defensive and obfuscatory to a point.

Sennheiser HD S: Tweaked and Delightfuland a French DIY Response | InnerFidelity

Am I going to argue with Mr. So, to you, you think cables are snake oil, where to others it isn’t. Couple items not mentioned elsewhere and with due respect: There are many other top end recording studios and mastering studios that have bought into the high cable products. Tune it with a resonator. There was a problem completing your request.


HD800 (S) Ultimate Mod

Remember, we are dealing with on of the most resolving dynamic driver currently, So everything makes a difference when you’re dealing with the HD and why cable changes can be heard with the I have a twenty thousand dollar stereo system, and if I had to, I could sell it all, and be happy I had these Sennheisers.

If that is the case, why not save a few hundred dollars and spend a minute or two equalizing, say down a bit in the kHz area, as sibilance seems to be among the biggest complaints?

Learn more about Amazon Prime. No problem, just shine a light from the backside, and see how the four screw holes line up exactly with the frame: I learned that many can sing beautifully.

Hear is my Impulse response. Showing of reviews.

: Sennheiser HD Reference Dynamic Headphone: Electronics

Made in Germany Manufactured in Germany using handcrafted, artisan assembly complimented by state of the art electronic production and testing equipment. Headphones has been a curious thing for me, as a business. Submitted by zobel on March 8, – Are you using an analog device to generate your test tone and thus imperfect sine wave, and does that explain the harmonics, or is the rest of your chain that’s introducing the distortion i.


But Hdd800 read enough of Tyll’s reviews to know that he can hear some things that I can’t—and perhaps, that includes differences due to cables. This rng my opinion which has been proven into two HD units so far.

Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones REVIEW

Compared to this “S” mod, the SD mod is riing more tame less lively in comparison. Sorrodje’s measurements indicate that the HDSD has even greater distortion than the HDS in most of the audioband, including the subHz region. Below the L and R frequency response of the HD on Kameleon and with 1ply of toilet paper between the driver and the dustcover.

After this article about the HDS I thought: This level of performance has yet to be matched by any competitor. Maybe we should call Stan Lee maybe I have a superhuman ability?

I must say that I was impressed! What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The HD is the ultimate headphone to deliver nature. Music can have a high cost. Log in or register to post comments.