See also the utility SirfDemo. Page 11 Reference Section 4. It has also worked great with both iNav and TomTom. In other languages Add links. This unit is build solidly. Page 10 Reference Section 3.

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This format can be used directly to upload it to OSM. The given reason is: About 4 months ago my GPS unit that I had been using for the previous 2 years finally quit working, so I found myself thrust into the bluetooth GPS market again. In narrow streets with high buildings the signal might “drift” moving navibbe west while in reality you only move west. It is not a need, but it would be gpps to have longer battery life along with the sleep feature, because I cannot tell you how easy it is to forget to turn off the GPS unit when you arrive at your destination.

These limits gpss designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Page 18 Reference Section 5. It seems to be made in China since the manual and the drivers CD feature simplified and traditional chinese as main languages others available, too.


The Navibe unit twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmit information to earth.

Of course this voids your warranty. Page 5 Application Conditions: The page history shows what used to be on this page, and allows people to rescue an old revision. Beam — Receive incoming beams [ set ON ] 2.

Page 13 Reference Section 4. It has also worked great with navine iNav and TomTom.


When successfully connected to a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth indicator Bluetooth will flash regularly. Unfortunately I had have problems with nafibe those two devices.

Page 15 Reference Section 4. Views Read View source Havibe history. The device must “lay flat on the floor” for good signals. The signal strength is pretty good and it outputs NMEA. Cons Takes several minutes to establish position. In other languages Add links.

Introduction section gives you a general overview of Navibe features. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Shredders Oils and Bags. Page 10 Reference Section navib.


Page of 21 Go. This feature can stretch the battery life of a unit out to a week in some cases Edited October 12, by veiovis.

Navibe GB337 User Manual

Page 20 Reference Section 5. Alternatively it can log to NMEA. Pocket PC Setup Section 4. So I use GPS a lot. Page 17 Reference Section 5. Again, only for this reason, will I give it 4 out of 5 stars for real world use. SmartTV Smart window to the world.

Page 4 The Global Positioning System GPS is a system of 24 satellites which circle the earth twice a day in g;s very precise orbit and transmit information to earth.