One thing that is absent from the board are a lot of jumpers for configuration and overclocking. There are three 3-wire cooling fan headers on the board marked for CPU, power, and chassis. Ready For Palomino Page 6: Reference Board 2 Test Configuration: With the features it offers for overclocking, this board should find plenty of friends:

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Sysmark Page The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued Unusual: A Good All-Rounder, Continued.

Subscribe to our newsletter. If you are buying a mainboard soon and are thinking about OCing that board, you epkx certainly want to add EPoX to your list of possibles.

EPoX EP-8KHA Motherboard Review for September 2, 2001

If the installer is unaware of the capacitors and simply sticks the drive in the case, shoving it rearward while mounting, they could break off or damage these components. The Overclocking Powerhouse Page The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Now It’s Stable Page 4: Now It’s Stable, Continued. Not Your Average Board. Now It’s Stable Page 4: You won’t find any CNR slots on this board which is a welcome change from the unusable CNR slots we’ve become accustomed to seeing on motherboards.


Now It’s Stable, Continued Page 5: All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Log in Don’t have an account?

High Voltage Page This is only ep-8oha issue for those of you with many USB peripherals, which isn’t too uncommon these days. There are three 3-wire cooling fan headers on the board marked for CPU, power, and chassis.

EPoX EP-8KHA Motherboard Review for August 25,

High Voltage Page A Worthy Leader, Continued. Up Close And Personal: ThursdayAugust 09, Author: It is possible to adjust ep-8khaa FSB clock rate in megahertz increments. A Worthy Leader, Continued. The first was that for whatever reason, Windows would not get passed the non-GUI portion of its install with a GeForce3 Ti installed.

Instead, epoc is provided here is the added PCI slot for a total of 6 on the board. The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued. Countless Jumpers Page Motherboard Configuration, Continued Page Unreal Tournament Office Performance: Flask Mpeg And Divx Page A port 80 card for system diagnosis.


Epox EP-8KHA: The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued – DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT

Although I know there are people out there somewhere that have an AMR device probably a modem in their system, I have yet to meet or talk directly to anyone that does. Subscribe to our newsletter.

The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued.