To use Color Mapping, first you click the Color Mapping option box. Epilog has designed the Zing 24 with open architecture software so it works with whatever program you already have. The table itself also can be moved up and down the Z-axis, to properly focus the laser beam. The air space below the vector grid is connected to the exhaust, so smoke is removed not only from the top side of the material, but also from the underside. Start Your Own Business Guide.

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All of this, and Made in the USA too! Perfect for everything epillg home use to starting a business, the Epilog Zing Laser features high-quality engraving, at the low cost for which you’re looking.

Our reputation is very important to us. Attach an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air across eoilog cutting surface.

Engraving area is 24″ x 18″.

Auto-switching power supply accommodates to volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single epilpg, 15 amp AC. Do you have any comments or questions Please send information and pricing on the Zing Laser. Introducing the Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment!


Epilog Zing 24 40Watt Laser Cutter Review

PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials. Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting? We can resurface your lens if we do not have the s With the Dashboard interface, you can adjust the laser cutter to do cutting or engraving or both.

When engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set a new home position by hand with the convenient Movable Home Position feature on the Zing Laser. As well as allowing multiple computers to be linked together in a network, this technology also allows direct printing from the computer to the Epilog system.

Park the laser head out of the way, providing you with easier access to the entire table. How about a system that engraves photos in a consistent, predictable way for your customers? With the Zing you’ll see the high-quality engraving for which Epilog is famous. What will you create? An example of this would be the softness and hardness of the balsa select.

Upgrade to the Epilog Zing 24 for even more Standard features:

View the product line. And, though our CO2 laser systems are mainly designed to engrave and cut non-metallic materials, they can also be used to mark on metal with the aid of metal-marking compound.


Epilog News Year in Review December 21, Higher Resolution Standard Optics. The Tube is a coherent deos 30w tube, it is dated tested and tube is very powerful. Full epolog of light from abo For information on what materials you can engrave and cut, visit our Materials page.

For the RC modeler, most o f your work will be done in vector format line cutting. The small format, low cost, high quality laser system by Epilog Laser.

Epilog Zing Laser Series. Can Epilog’s lasers cut through metal? We’ve put together a epiolg guide that discusses the basics of starting your own engraving and cutting business. The higher the power setting is the deeper the cut.

Epilog Zing Laser Engravers

Selling because it is no longer compatible with our new computer operating system. The slower the travel speed is laser dwell, the deeper the cut.

Project layout has never been easier! See our Privacy Policy.