Mercury tv tuner driver free download for xp. Maybe this is a peculiarity of my system, and other PCs can have it all right. This is a preproduction sample, and software and drivers come on a usual CD-R. Direct download driver tuner free download. Also, there are no schedulers, recording is entirely manual. Here it is called ECS Tutor. The austere design in red and black makes an impression of a good product if not a Hi-End one.

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ECS EZ-TV (TVP3XP) TV&FM Tuner Review | Hardware Heaven Forums

But it didn’t affect their quality or performance. It explains functions of a button pressed.

Every time you switch between the applications it shows the buttons pressed. ECS chose an easy way by using software from third manufacturers. But there are only 10 cells! One of the tuner’s strong points is that the E-tv supports Voice Help. I hope the production model will have an audio connector soldered out as it will let us get rid of one cable on the PC case backside. The connectors are standard: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. I didn’t get the sacral idea of the black window with the RC depicted.


This unit had a good showing in the Leadtek WinFast Cinema review. Can anybody please wz-tv me the link to a source to download the proper.

Here you can find v2. Ez View Tv Tuner Card. Click on the model name to view the description of the driver and full. At their site you can find v5. When I finished all these operations the screen turned black and soundless in the playback mode.

A good advantage of this RC is its multifunction support, i. The austere design in red and black makes an impression of a ea-tv product if not a Hi-End one. Here you can download ez view tv tuner card drivers windows 7 s for Windows. Let’s see how it works.

The buttons are arranged quite well, but they are very small and it’s not convenient to press them. Additional features I couldn’t get Timeshifting work. The combination of the colors looks acid. Mind the Mute non-favorite channels function.

Why wouldn’t they let us disable it The Bonus Software includes a ShowShifter program working as a normal multimedia center with a completely compatible remote control. Read reviews 34 Write a review.


TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

Cure Software Download Serials and keygens for free. Moreover, it doesn’t have deinterlacing support, that is why you’d better not use it to spare your eyes.

Tnuer the same time, the company makes efforts to cover other market sectors – notebooks, barebone systems, video cards, peripherals etc. The unpresentable appearance of the CD-R confused me. But after rebooting everything got right. This is a preproduction sample, and software and drivers come on a usual CD-R. And I was ez-tb skeptical when started testing this device especially because not every ECS mainboard makes a positive impression.

There is a good help program looking like a pseudo calculator for direct input of frequencies.