How long can I operate my power supply at full power? Can I mount my power supply in a test rack that is tilted at an angle? Does Keysight offer basic power supplies with internal relays? What should I use to measure high currents accurately? Can the current sinking limit be programmed on Keysight power supplies?

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What does the check mark on the E Series rear-panel label mean? Do Keysight power supplies have a remote power or standby feature? Why is my unit displaying a negative e640a when it should not be sinking current?

Can I feed current back into my E series power supply? Will repeatedly shutting on and off the output of the E36xx cause damage to the supply. How do I query the status to determine if an OCP has occurred? My Keysight E series power supply is broken; how can I get it fixed? How can I clear the content of power supply memory for programmable E series power supplies?

What is the settling time for the ExA supplies?

Can I trigger my E series power supply? Are EA power supplies targeted for benchtop or system applications? Why is the voltage at the output of the power supply higher than what I programmed?


Keysight EA Power-Supply

Does Keysight offer a power supply with a VXI connection option? How do you calculate programming and readback accuracy for a DC power supply?

Can damage occur to my power supply if I exceed the remote sense voltage drop specification when remote sensing? What is the LabView command response time for the E36xx series?

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hpe364xa Power Supply

Can I use the sense terminals as a DVM? Are Keysight power products tested for IP2X compliance? Is it possible to change my EA series firmware to a previous version? Can I use my unit in a corrosive environment? How can I read the calibration date for an E series or E series power supply?

Why is the readback accuracy different than the meter accuracy? How do I output a negative voltage?

Does Keysight offer a power supply designed for current sourcing or constant current operation? Is there simple software available to program my power supply? Can I read the serial number or assign my E power supply a name in order to recognize it? When the EA series measures the output of the power supply, is the measurement actually done on the sense leads or the output itself?


Are there any limitations with automating a power supply using Linux? What is the difference between setting accuracy, programming accuracy, measurement accuracy, and front panel accuracy? How can I isolate the output of my E series power supply? What is meant by measurment accuracy specs in the format 0. How do power supply capabilities impact throughput performance? How can I understand power supply specifications?

EA 30W Power Supply, 8V, 3A or 20V, A | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

How long is the calibration time interval on the E series power supplies? What is the output voltage of the E series when first turning on the power switch? What are the most commonly requested part numbers for E series power supplies? How long will saved settings be saved?