Disk data transfer rate. The touchpad has a slightly roughened surface and is underneath the space bar, thus it’s been moved a bit to the left due to the separate numerical block. Online on the go? Small details, such as this integrated webcam, or this supporting foot add to the mythos, just like the large hinges. Along the sides of the Studio 17 you’ll find three USB 2.

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Also, the Studio seems to still have a few teething problemssuch as the problem reported by users that the notebook doesn’t wake up from standby. The keyboard is black, the wrist-rest gray.

Dell Studio P02E Manuals

Would you buy this? The palmrest trim is painted with a silver metallic finish with the trim directly surrounding the keyboard being glossy painted black plastic. The micro-satin surface presents itself as being fairly unsusceptible for smudge. To the naked eye, a gray overtone is studjo to be detected in dark areas with little trouble. Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and features.

This difference was not appreciable to the eye. In tortional measurements, the case is stuudio strong. The lid is black with a slight pattern in the standard configuration.


We even established up to Dell’s Studio 17 is a 3.

The cheaper card suffices for current DSL connections, though. Unchanged, the features a 2.

Dell Studio 17 () Review

The keyboard is full-size with no condensed keys and it includes a four-key wide numberpad. Without shipping and supplies. Seagate’s fast hard diskwhich stores GBytes and rotates with up to 7, del per minute, definitely also contributes to the good performance rates. This includes control elements for the most common software If you tilt the notebook to one side it will start moving the selection stufio up and down.

The gaming-benchmarks show that the proof is in the pudding and that the ATI HD leaves its predecessors as well as Nvidia’s middle-class M in the dust. Naturally, that isn’t quite the truth because apart from the strongest Core i7 alternative, which Dell doesn’t offer, there are still high performance computers.

However, the wrist-rest stays quite pleasant even under load, with As studoi as the case goes, Dell hasn’t changed a thing in comparison to its predecessor, the Studio Only greasy finger leave dark spots, which are easily removed, though.


The touchpad is big There’s no doubt the Dell Studio 17 is a great notebook: We tested with the cutting-edge “Modern Warfare 2” and the equally still young “Risen”. Moreover, Delk has built-in a chic light effect for the white backlit keyboard.

Sensitivity is excellent with the touchpad picking up even the slightest touch without a problem. An Intel Core i7 QM processor with 1. The big louver on the back can’t prevent the notebook from getting very, very hot to a part Instead it retracts the disks via slot-in.

Dell Studio 17 1749 17in notebook

The QM is a quad-core processor with a 1. This proves that on the inside of the case the cooling system does its job rather effectively. Status display informs about the charging level of the battery. Dell also doesn’t skimp on details Dell Studio 17 laptop: