I have taken out the video and sound cards now using onboard thinking maybe the IRQs were conflicting – no change. I thought maybe it was my inexperience so I took it to the computer store where I originally purchased the computer and they too did some tests and it wouldn’t even boot. By nhbfan in forum Computer. For the BIOS revision type, you look at the very top of the first splash screen. The problem is common where users do not add up all the usb devices , connected to the pc , to find out the total current drawn from the usb system , and overload the usb supply in doing so.

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The Mother Board

Results 1 to 22 of Would be best to d101gg full details of the system. When you start building a new pclocate the serial on top of your cpuand write that info down inside the motherboard manual for future reference I do for all rma work.

You have a mixture of USB powered and independantly powered devices on your sytem. We put in a USB 2 Card and it has been working fine since.

Didn’t know that the installation order matters. How to apply color correction using the Gradie For example, we won’t give 5 years on a seagate ourselves just because Seagate does. Use system restore and go back to a restore point prior to when the problem usbb.


The Mother Board • View topic – DGGC USB problems

But we will help within that 5 years. To be on the safe side with the new board, I’m going to “remove hardware” from the USB ports when I’m not using the device. All of a sudden all 6 4 in back, 2 in front USB ports stopped working.

As for bad capacitors, I think it’s not it, because I had it running before with all USB ports used, haven’t had a single problem. Disable “High-speed USB” 6. After unplugging it the computer wouldn’t recognize anything. Strangely enough we had to order Dell 5. Board index All times are UTC. If you decide to upgrade, you would need that, a newer motherboard, and I would upgrade the CPU to a dual core.

DGGC | Intel DGGC LGA FSB Motherboard

It’s just that it’s a major inconvenience to unplug everything everytime I have to reboot or turn on PC. Do not install the d101gggc until the board is replaced or risk damaging it as well premature death by overheating. It still looks like Intel may know of problems with some of these – see earlier post.

I got it from newegg and they sent me a number and label to send it back and said they will give me a refund. Most motherboards only have a limit max of 1 ampbut newer boards can have up to 2 amp supplyyou need to confirm uusb with the motherboard manual or from online sources.

Thanks again for all of the help and suggestions.


I thought maybe it was my inexperience so I took it to the computer store where I originally purchased the computer and they too did some tests and it wouldn’t even boot. As e101ggc more option, you can try updating your BIOS with latest version before you start spending your money Will this card enable all 6 ports to 2.

Find your drivers’ CD MoBo came with then.

Most have a regular USB type internal connector, but a few have the d1101ggc similar to what a motherboard uses for a front socket connection, such as this one from NewEgg: By Noahtuck in forum Computer.

If I lose the ports in the front I might as well go with a new motherboard as that is why I got them to begin with – not having to crawl around behind the computer.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed – no difference. My son was using his mp3 d101gbc in the other front one – SanDisk- loading some songs on it. Only then would the OS know what features are present, and how to use them. I called the place where I got it and mentioned this fact and they said they’d return it for me for the cost of shipping.