The question marks in the query are automatically replaced with the values in the array in the second parameter of the query function. It can be anything you want. Consider the following example:. The second parameter is the class name to instantiate. An optional table prefix which will added to the table name when running Query Builder queries. Unfortunately it gives the same error.

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This requires that the class is already loaded into memory.

DO NOT feed it with unsanitized user data. Although the Query Builder will try its best to properly quote any field and table names that you feed it, note that it is NOT designed to work with arbitrary user input.

How can I use mysqli drivers in php native query? Note Not all database drivers have a native way of getting the total number of rows for a result set. If you provide a DSN string and it is missing some valid settings e.

system/database/drivers/mysqli/ from bcit-ci/CodeIgniter – Code Climate

The only parameter is the name of the class to instantiate. Number of rows in the result codeignniter Return type: If the database platform does not support primary key detection, the first column name may be assumed as the primary key. The object will have all values returned from the database set as properties. This article is intended to be a reference for them.


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Bindings enable you to simplify your query syntax by letting the system put the queries together for you. What should I do?

CodeIgniter has a config file that lets you store ymsqli database connection values username, password, database name, etc. Having googled my problem, I found a way for me to know what was causing all of this: Once you have specified ‘mysqli’you can use the following function to get mysqli. CodeIgniter has three methods that help you do this:. Returns the query results as an array of rows, where each row is an object of type stdClass.

It can be anything you want. It simply lets you submit a query.


You can also pass a string to result which represents a class to instantiate for each result object note: Sure, here it is: Does this mean there’s a problem with my mysqli driver? If strict mode is disabled, each group is treated autonomously, meaning a failure of one group will not affect any others. All the methods above will load the whole result into memory prefetching.


This method sets the internal pointer for the next result row codeignjter be fetched. Subscribe to this thread. Normally PHP frees its memory automatically at the end of script execution. What does your panel look like when you login today?

Make sure to call the method using your query result object:.

Queries — CodeIgniter documentation

Christian Giupponi 4, 6 41 This function will also add a table prefix to your table, assuming you have a prefix specified in your database config file. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

The reason we use a multi-dimensional array rather than a more simple one is mysqlu permit you to optionally store multiple sets of connection values. Could you try this tutorial just paste the code into.

Note If the database platform does not support primary key detection, the first column name may be assumed as the primary key. Generates an array of stdClass objects containing field meta-data.