Ok lets roll again about the drivers subject That’s what I currently have installed. Just remember to uninstall any previously installed catalyst drivers. When I try to load 8. Thanks for the heads up on the possibility of deleting 1 of the OSs. Yes, I’m using 0.

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Just remember to uninstall any previously installed catalyst drivers.

I had a similar problems years ago and ultimately I just reformated. And by the wayi am not M8i am M9 advanced model: ATI Catalyst version 9. I then installed 8. I then uninstalled everything, and I do mean everything that had ATI in the name.

Heh, just tested it hotfis one of my old x2s and it died during installation.

CP gave me the link to the Cat 8. Read the file that cluster has with it if you haven’t.

As far as the dual Agpp that you now seems to have this could potentially “disturb” Xp in its functionality. There is a bug in the driver CAL interface supposedly fixed in the 9. Martin Martin, I don’t know what you mean by more than 1 profile. I will be enshrining it just for the heck of it.


ATI Catalyst Display Driver 8.12 HOTFIX for Windows Vista

It definitely served me well. Is this what you were indicating? Post to thread Subscribe.

But this could or could not work. Yes, I’m using 0. You need to relax kiriakost: That button never seems to ‘work’ – I’ll submit news which will be ignored, and the 20 minutes or so later the exact thing I posted is up on the main page without any mention of who sent it in. I have the Cat 9.

You’re using the opti app right? I was just showing I got a small gain from the new driver. I feel sorry for the poor thing, but that made the th card I’ve killed. I reinstalled Windows and low and behold, catzlyst booted up, but now it has 2 operating systems to select from when restarting, but only 1 Windows system 32 folder.

I was on 8. Nothing but errors like you have experienced. You can delete the one you don’t want making sure you keep the “current” one active. It calls for some files to be renamed. Yeah I posted fatalyst a longer version of this article last night and didn’t know there was a way to submit to the news staff.


ATI Catalyst Display Driver HOTFIX for Windows Vista Driver – TechSpot

I think it’s time for a fresh Format and a Vista x64 install. I run the 0. I guess I’ll keep researching the issue. Have you restarted your computer and Boinc?

Dont mine me im a idiot.