On the other hand, some of the designers I have spoken to tell me that the speed offered by USB 2. There was about a 4dB difference between them. While housed in a smaller and less elegant chassis than the DAC, the new power supply is expected to reside on the floor, hidden from view and away from critical signal paths. The increased complexity of this process, more often than not, results in increased jitter and deterioration in the ultimate sound quality that you hear. Three years should be the minimum; five years, which seems to be the industry standard, is better. I am and I make no apology for being so, against virtual music listening, i.

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I posted this in the Head Gear czlyx, but I thought I’d add it here. Sure there is plenty of detail, the perceived soundstage is wide and all that, but the music simply sounds dull. More importantly, your power cord of choice will affect the presentation.

Being more of a jock than a geek, I leaned on my good friend Tom ddac download some high rez tracks onto my laptop and bring a non-audiophile USB cable over to give me a taste of music at various levels of resolution. In my show report I wrote: Alas my Audiomat Tempo 2. I’m not sure what might have been causing that. Operationally it was flawless. But that little circuit board contains some heady parts. Those have a greater influence on the sound than the chip.


CONTANT > techDown > Calyx DAC 24/ Driver (ver ) – OS : Windows

I am happy to report that computer USB playback takes the Calyx to a different level altogether. Spatial resolution is now the best we have ever heard from any DAC period. Speakers were Anthony Gallo Reference 3. I’ve only started looking again recently.

For the purpose of the review, I used the latest iMac running the latest Snow Leopard software not Lion – that’s a 24/1922 ‘nother ballgame in tandem with the latest Amarra program 2. What I didn’t notice at first was that the Calyx would render the JPS Labs Digital power cord useless, since it came with its own outboard power supply, a 5 volt switch mode wall wart.

Schitt Audio has shown much foresight by being one of the first to take this route with their Bitfrost DAC offerings. I assume that he has a valid point here, as most computer oriented DACs seem to have this feature. Maybe getting the power supply for the calyx will help. Aug 30, at 9: I asked the dealer to switch to the Yulong Sabre D18 I have this calyxx home and in my opinion it was no contest.

Sep 27, at 2: We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process.

One of my very favorite rigs is Israel Blume’s Coincident reference rig which features a very high end Esoteric digital front end. I’ve heard tighter deep bass, but only from bass units costing many tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve also had brief exposure to the Weiss DAC. I also have little interest in so-called music servers. No mains regenerators or filters were used during the review.


Post 27 of But now seems that might be a bad idea given the sonic benefits. For those who believe in the superiority of better power cords, the CLPS has an IEC power input, which means you can knock yourself out trying your favorite power cords.

Review: Calyx DAC 24/192

The notes simply appear, and then decay. Switching to the USB input was a real revelation. With the cover removed the majority of the interior consists of solid but empty aluminum which should provide decent vibration and resonance damping. However, I couldn’t discern even the calys effect of having both the single-ended outputs in use at the same time as the balanced ones, even if I 244/192 and unplugged while music was playing.

Using them at the front end of the rig took the entire system to a higher level. The same CDs played through my Marantz sounded better.