Ideally, threads with shared data sets would get scheduled on the same module, while threads that share no data would be scheduled on separate modules. Is that just an unpopular code or a task sheduler comunication mishap? We find that it the fill array operation fills at a rate of four bytes per clock cycle for either 32 or 64 bit code, which isn’t too bad. The marketing spin from AMD is transparent to anyone that knows tech. Wonder how those 35w parts will be in the end. In reality, we are just as confused how 2 billion transistors loses to 1. So an extra set of decoders would be just a matter of die space and power consumption and it would greatly increase the throughput.

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The basic building block of Bulldozer is the dual-core module, pictured below.

AMD’s FX-8350 analyzed: Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer fell short?

That didnt last long. If the threads happen to be working on the same data, then Windows 7’s scheduling approach makes sense.

There is some information that the Asus crosshair is not performing as well. This counts load-store loops done in 1 orr. These new instructions can do one addition and one multiplication in the same time that it otherwise takes to do one addition or one multiplication.

The benchmarks will be out by then. Bulldozer is simply a chaotic patch-work of counterintuitive ideas with no leading prospects. Now if they can get clock speeds up MHz stock for Vishera desktop products over current BD think 3.

The AMD FX (Bulldozer) Scheduling Hotfixes Tested

My GTX is running at stock clocks. I speculate that this is the effect of the L1’s WT strategy. The only other redeaming ansver could be that production techniques for bulldozer wafers must be dirt cheap and fast paced. Ok, so for my next computer, I have all the parts except poledriver CPU and motherboard.


Agner`s CPU blog – Store forwarding stalls of piledriver

I plan to get a new mobo and ddr3 ram so looks like that and a new vid card will be my only purchase in the near dor. Let’s just wait and see before jumping to conclusions yeah? Why does an upcoming CPU with more instruction sets than bulldozer suggest that bulldozer will not do well?

Ideally, threads with shared data sets would get scheduled on the same module, while threads that share no data would be scheduled on separate modules. Wxit are sounding more and more like they’re going to fail to compete against the Intel 2x00K CPUs L5 As each bulldozer core has 2 read ports, I expected “add mem reg ; add mem reg” sequence per core spends 1 clock.

The result are two hotfixes that should both be installed on Oor systems. Someone suggested me FX That shouldn’t have taken more than 1.

But some thing we need to keep in mind 8 core will be only fully support by windows 8 right now amd and microsoft working hand in hand to place a patch for at least bost the 8 core in windows 7. Apparently, the reason that AMD recommend the use of the REP instructions for larger copy and fill operations is that there is overhead to these optimizations in forwarding the results back to the caches and thus they only make sense for larger blocks.

Just like that errata bug news for And pilecriver Piledriver will come in, replacing the FX as the flagship and be so far up intels smoke pipe, that they sit there and think WTF just happend here. This should improve performance in most cases but there’s a chance that some workloads will see a performance reduction.


I guess it works pilerriver this: October 12, AMD tells me that it’s still working with OS vendors read: Yes, now we know it will. Test results for AMD Bulldozer processor – avk – Since it launched, Sunnyvale has laid off thousands, is preparing to lay off thousands morecancelled its first set of 28nm chips based on the Bobcat architecture, and has lost ground overall in the PC market.

Reviews here are legit that is a little late personally at this stage I think we the consumer need to make it VERY CLEAR to AMD that son is disappoint and they need to step it up or step out AMD kept a fairly tight lid on bulldozer probably because they knew they where not gonna be able to keep up with there hype and it backfired One of Bulldozer’s signature changes was the removal of what AMD saw as redundant hardware—instead of each CPU core having its own decode hardware, floating-point units, and L2 cache, these resources were shared between two cores, ostensibly to reduce the size and foor, the power consumption of the processor.