An ASIO driver can only be used by one program at a time. Once you have the configuration sorted out, the system is quite easy to operate. Card then that means all 32 channels of playback would be patched but now your local inputs don’t go anywhere. ASIO is preferable since it allows the full 32×32 if you wanted that, but doesn’t allow sharing the device between programs. This will give you an almost “raw” signal ” Post EQ ” will tap the signal from just after the EQ, before the dynamic effects and the faders.

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X32 Recording Config tab XEdit version.

How to setup X32 as audio interface over usb? None of my other programs will send audio to the board though. On the Setup page, Remote tab, you need to enable the button on the left. To control the preamp or switch phantom for an input that isn’t routed to a channel on the desk you will bshringer to go to the Setup page, preamps tab, and find your physical input there. Wow i can say that this is another great article as expected of this blog.

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I have an X32 and want to use it as an interface with Reaper. The left side shows you the input meterand directly underneath ysb is the “Trim” or gain knobs. Phantom power, depends – on the routing page you have Inputs which could come from Card or Local AlliG March 15, at usn I went to inputs and selected card and such. The iPad remote you just need to tap the setting you want to change.


If you want to use something else you would have to close Reaper. How Did They Do That?

On the other hand if your Routing page looks like Input Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Similarly, office pics are generally considered low-effort fluff, image posts should have some point other than karma and promote discussion Check out our Discord server!

Newer Post Older Post Home. Bring up the faders to desired levels to play it through the system. This will give you an almost “raw” signal ” Post EQ ” will tap the signal from just after the EQ, before the dynamic effects and the faders.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Or for any DAW? I can record, rewind and listen to my previous recording, but when I remove the flash drive and plug it into my Mac I don’t hear anything on the file.

X32 PRODUCER: USB Interface Operation Guide – behringerwiki

On the routing page you need to pick the USB card inputs as being available to patch. If you let Windows handle it with its own WDM drivers, you’ll be limited to a maximum 8 channels of output however you will be able to get audio from multiple programs all at once, and send audio to the X32 from apps that don’t support ASIO output.

Now I am getting audio from Reaper. The good thing about this is that the file name is unique, and it is also dated with a time to make x332 out or finding the file easier in the future.


I installed the USB driver, and can get audio input, but do not get anything sending to behhringer boards output. Using the recording system built into the X32 is quite simple and also powerful.

CardInput Use this if you want your recording to have the EQ and compressor etc effects on it, but don’t want to be affected from your live mix when you bring up or down the fader during the mix.

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In the box there is a manual, and I know for a fact the manual has this written out in one of the later pages. How do I get all my PC’s audio to play throught the board? For example you have Input You can adjust this up or down to get a decent recording level from the source The right hand side is your source selection and where the “Tap” is from.

This is the first screen you are greeted with when you hit the View button under the USB slot.

The board I have has the USB 2.