There are 2 methods to implement it. The LED connectors and others are bunched into one corner which is not easy to pull out and put back if the board and other parts are all fixed inside the case. Suspend to Hard Drive saves your current work system status, memory image into hard disk. It was a tough decision. Good overclocking features like voltage control, Bios controlled CPU settings, FSB’s, good expansion, Saving of settings in EEPROM, nearly jumperless, very fast performance, extremely stable, quality components and everything else you need is available on this board.

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I hear you folks now, “Kyle is BS’n right? I was delighted but puzzled.

No additional thermistor headers are provided, and the monitoring hardware is incapable of reading the thermal diode within the cpu core of S Celeron’s etc. Over time, AOpen has built itself a nice reputation of the most stable and well performing motherboards in the industry.

I’m really curious what made AOpen put the floppy connector in such an awkward position. This is a long way from the CPU slot, which is a good thing, because where there’s power there’s heat, and those big cables also block airflow around the CPU badly on some other boards. Core voltage adjustment is also supported for both 0. The quality of manufacture is typical AOpen – excellent – with good quality components throughout and this is reflected in the excellent stability of the board.


Black Beauty: AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition

It is supposed to be the gold version of the heatsink to disperse more heat. Part of the reason is because this board uses High Efficiency Synchronous Switching Regulator as taken from the manual which most of the current switching designs are Asynchronous mode, which from a technical point of view, still consumes very as6bc power prro generates heat. Don’t you think so? TuesdayJuly 20, Yep, another stupid title, but this time maybe with a little substance.

Has anyone had the chance yet to actually utilize all these pretty colors? The contents of the usual AOpen box aopdn the following: All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Still, it would’ve been nice to see the setting in the BIOS.

The given CD comes with these software: We all know who Acer is, don’t we?

That means my Canopus Riva was running at Mhz bus flawlessly!! I have to say it absolutely kicks ass not having to think where to put it.

Windows98 and even the display card are involved in the execution of this function.

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Of course you can get the “option package” with the gold trim. Very good – many stockists Features: There are no negative voltage steps available. Bus multiplier ratio is selectable from 1.

Though setting up the board prro easy, it’s very irritating to find out the motherboard features, its offerings and many meanings of the Bios menu axx6bc the CD.


The LED connectors and others are bunched into one corner which is not easy to pull out and put back if the board and other parts are all fixed inside the case.

Those are really useful bus-speeds for overclocking. The Pro version is equipped with overclocking-friendly features, which I shall share with you all later.

Black Beauty: AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition

It would have been nice to have full control over this divider – maybe Aopen will make this available in their i boards. Considering the information I’ve given so far, the motherboard resembles very much like the MSI For all intents and purposes, the damn things are not good for much yet. The games worked again! And the biggest complain of all would be the lack of a proper manual in booklet form!

Both CPU-Zilla and myself could have run more benchmarks, especially Winstone but time was the main constraint for both of us, hence I could not get any proper benchmarks to log into the above tables. I would have like to have 0.