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  1. You undertake that by means of the Services, within the frames of the Application, you will not: (a) undertake any actions which may hinder or impede functioning of the Services, or use the Services in a manner onerous to other Users, (b) act to the disadvantage of other Users or Five App, (c) procure Users’ personal data in a prohibited manner and without their consent, or act in any other way which may constitute a violation of other Users’ right to privacy, (d) disseminate unsolicited commercial or promotional information, junk mail, spam or any other kind of message which may contain  message of advertising nature or otherwise not related to the idea of the Website or Application, (e) disseminate worms, spyware or malware, including computer viruses, use cracking or phishing, or act in any other manner which would in a prohibited manner allow to interfere in the provision of the Services or the security of their provision or Users’ data, (f) undertake actions which may affect the automation of Services use, including, among others, using scripts for the purpose of adding friends, sending messages etc.
  2. We prohibit any use of the Services for: (a) research activity, in particular that which consists in carrying out analyses or public opinion polls, (b) pursuing commercial, advertising or promotional activity etc., with the exclusion of that individually agreed upon with Five App and approved by us in writing, (c) sending messages whose content is not related to recipient’s identity and may be provided to numerous independent recipients.
  3. Any communication between the Users by means of the Services is their own interaction involving two or more parties, to which Five App is not a party, though. In connection with this, we shall be neither liable for any damage resulting from such interactions and their content, nor obliged to settle disputes between You and other user or users resulting from such communication. 
  4. An infringement of the rights to the Services may lead to either of the following Five App’s responses, at our discretion: (a) warning addressed at the User, (b) blocking the access to the Account, (c) deleting the User Content, (d) deleting the Account along with all the User Content provided within its frame, (e) preventing the User to establish an Account again. 
  5. Termination. We may block or terminate Your access to the Account or Services at any time due to Your infringing the provisions of these Terms of Service or due to our decision made in such a manner. Termination of providing the Services for You shall not affect the validity and binding force of the provisions of the Terms of Service in Sections 2.3 through 2.5, Section 3 and Sections 4 through 9.