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  1. The application may be downloaded through online stores AppStore (for iOS system) or Google Play (for Android system).
  2. In order to install the Application, to update its functionalities and to enjoy them, the User has to meet the following minimum technical requirements: a mobile device with the Internet access, with installed iOS 7.0 or higher (for the Application version downloaded from AppStore) or Android 4.0.3 or higher (for the Application version downloaded from Google Play), which enables correct installation of the Application.
  3. Using the Application shall be free of charge, but it may involve for the User the costs of data transmission resulting from agreements with telecommunication operators or other Internet providers concluded by him/her, and from the scope of such data transmission (downloading the Application, installing, launching and further using the Application).
  4. Five App shall have the right to modify elements and functionalities of the Services, in particular to update the Application, whereby Five App undertakes that they shall not entail deterioration of the Services quality. Such modifications shall not constitute an amendment to the Agreement, but if the User refuses to accept them, he/she may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect with no consequences from the Service Provider, and remove the Application.
  5. The User may not: (a) undertake any actions which may hinder or impede functioning of the Services, or use the Services in a manner onerous to other Users, (b) act to the disadvantage of other Users or Five App, (c) procure Users’ personal data in a prohibited manner and without their consent, or act in any other way which may constitute a violation of other Users’ right to privacy, (d) disseminate unsolicited commercial or promotional information, (e) disseminate worms, spyware or malware, or act in any other manner which would in a prohibited manner allow to interfere in the provision of the Services or the security of their provision or Users’ data, (f) undertake actions which may affect the automation of Services use, including, among others, using scripts for the purpose of adding friends, sending messages etc.
  6. Any infringement of the provisions of the Terms of Service attributable to the User may entail, at the Service Provider’s sole discretion, the following: (a) Five App’s warning addressed at the User, (b) temporarily blocking the access to the Account, (c) deleting the Account, (d) preventing the User from establishing an Account again.
  7. Five App shall notify the User on deletion of the Account in an e-mail sent to his/her e-mail address indicated during the registration or a subsequent change of details, providing the reason for such termination of the Agreement.