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  1. Five App shall apply technological and organizational means in order to secure processing the personal data appropriate to the threats and category of data to be secured, in particular, through technical and organizational means Five App shall secure data against publishing to unauthorized persons, taking over by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of the law and change, loss, damage or destruction. Users’ personal data shall be collected and stored on a secured server, moreover, the data shall be secured by Service Provider’s internal procedures related to processing personal data and information security policy
  2. In order to log in to the Account, it shall be necessary to provide relevant username and password. For the purpose of ensuring an appropriate level of security, the password for the Account shall exist on the Platform only in a coded form.
  3. At the same time Five App states that using the Internet and services provided by electronic means may pose specific teleinformatic threats, such as for instance: presence and operation of worms, spyware or malware software, including computer viruses, as well as possibility of being exposed to cracking or phishing (fishing passwords) and other. In order to obtain detailed and professional information related to the security in the Internet, Five App recommends taking advice from entities specializing in such IT services.