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  1. The governing law for liabilities resulting from the Agreements and Terms of Service shall be the Polish law, with a proviso that such choice may not result in a consumer being deprived of the protection resulting from mandatory provisions of law applicable in the consumer’s country of habitual residence.
  2. These Terms of Service had been prepared in the Polish language and then translated into other languages. In the case of any discrepancies between the Polish language version and its translations, the Polish version shall prevail.
  3. Should any dispute with Five App arise, the User being a consumer may refer to an arbitration court for mediation or settlement (he/she may take advantage of alternative dispute resolution, ADR). To this end, a motion for mediation or motion for settling the case before an arbitration court, depending on the intent of the User, shall be filed. Specific information concerning access to these procedures shall be available at competent bodies, including on their websites. In other cases, the local jurisdiction of the court shall be established in accordance with the rules prescribed in a legal act applicable to the User being a consumer. A consumer may also take advantage of out-of-court means of considering complaints and seeking claims by means of submitting his/her complaint through the EU online platform ODR available at the address: Any disputes arising between the Service Provider and the User not being a consumer shall be referred to the court with the local jurisdiction over the registered office of the Service Provider.
  4. If any provision of the Agreement is found invalid or ineffective, then this shall not affect the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force.
  5. These Terms of Service shall be effective as of ___ 2016.