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way to stay in touch
with your friends!

How does it work?

3 easy steps to stay in touch


Choose one of the built in signs or CREATE your own with the sign maker - It’s quick, simple and easy.

Thanks to our sign maker, you have thousands of different options and combinations: make them yours.


Your friend doesn’t have the Five app yet?
No problem. Send them a unique sign with Facebook Messenger integration and get them to create their own.

Use Five your way: create customized stickers and additions to chats.


That’s it. A Few secs and your sign is sent!

Need to pass along a quick message?
Choose Five!

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Stay in touch!

About the author:

I’m Mat…17, geek, HIP HOP fan. Young entrepreneur. FIVE co-founder. Author of My dream is to create software and electronics connecting the world of fashion and tech, and inspire other young people to dream big. Join me!